Smart Tasks and Customers Management for your Team.

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Meet The Task Ninja

The Task Ninja is a smart tool to manage your team's tasks, activities and contacts while helping you save time day by day.

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Save time

We help your team manage their daily tasks, track their activities and never miss a customer's deadline.

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Easy as Pie

Assign a new task just by describing it exactly how you would say it to a teammate, in natural language.

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Learn about how your team is doing with Insights. Identify bottlenecks and improve your productivity.

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In its Right Place

Find your contacts easily with our smart tags, see at a glance the tasks assigned to a contact or customer.

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Join the Conversation

Unlike chat-like tools, task comments allow you to stay focused at work while communicating with your team.

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Always with You

We built a mobile-first, responsive online tool to make sure you can always stay productive, no matter where.


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Please, @JohnSmith, finish the #productivity #report for @SarahStone before tomorrow at 9am.

Define your tasks in natural language

The Task Ninja says: "I just created a new task, but you didn't notice, right? that's because I'm a ninja."

Wouldn't it be nice to just dictate a task, including the teammates to be assigned to the task, contacts, customers and tools involved, even the deadline, and have your task management tool identify your sentence in natural language and create the task accordingly? Welcome to The Task Ninja!

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Instant access to your contacts

The Task Ninja says: "I tried to look for my ninja contacts. The system told me that ninjas cannot be found... well played, ninjas, well played..."

Find your contacts and customers with a single click. Our "smart tags" and "advanced search" functionality allows you to find the exact contact you are looking for in a matter of seconds.

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The Task Ninja says: "A master can teach many things. But the most important lesson for a ninja is to learn oneself."

What's the use of time management if you do not learn from it? With "Insights", you get a detailed view of the current situation of your team. You can check which teammates are overburdened, identify bottlenecks in your workforce or a bad task assignment strategy.

Going far beyond mere statistics and graphs, we use machine learning to offer you suggestions on how to improve your current team's workflow and make everyone happier and more productive, in your language, in terms that you can understand and apply to your team.

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