About contacts

A contact in The Task Ninja is someone your team needs to keep in touch with. It might be a customer, a supplier for your company, or a person of interest.

Contacts are displayed in a grid so you can easily identify them. To quickly find a contact, use the search field or the smart tags. No more navigating through endless lists and tables of names. Just type a name, a company or a phone number.

Can't remember any personal data about a contact, but you know that you are looking for one of your suppliers? Just click on the "supplier" smart tag. Easy as pie!

The contact card

The Task Ninja says: "You can be anything. You could be the President of the United States or the inventor of the next Internet or a ninja cardio-thoracic surgeon poet, which would be awesome because you would be the first one."
The contact card contains the information about certain contact. We are convinced followers of the KISS rule, so we designed the contact card as simple as possible. There are some common fields everybody needs (like name, emails, website...), and then you have the smart tags. What if you need to add some custom information that doesn't fit any of the common fields? Simple, just add a note to the contact in the "I would like to" menu button at the top right. The notes for a contact will appear in the timeline below the card (more on this later).

Editing information for a contact is as easy as going to that field, editing the information, and exit the field. No more "Save buttons"... feel the power of modern ninja technology!

Smart Tags

The Task Ninja says: "Keep your friends close to you, and your enemies even closer. However, don't forget to tag them properly... you'll live longer."

With "Smart tags", we wanted to address two problems found in most contact management applications. First, we wanted to avoid having complicated, unfriendly divisions on how people is grouped. We don't believe in stereotypes. We also wanted to be able to have many different ways of tagging a person, and still be able to find them with a single click. Thus, "Smart tags" were born.

To assign a tag to a contact, just write the tag in the contact card on the "tag" field. Then, in the customers screen, just click on a tag to select it. The list of contacts will automatically update showing you all the contacts matching that tag. If you click a second tag, then only the contacts tagged with both will be shown. You can add as many tags to a contact as you like, and the more you define, the easier it will be for you to find what you are looking for later.


Every action you perform on a contact, every task that involves the customer, or every note you add gets stored in the customer timeline. The timeline is the perfect way of checking the status of contacts, how many pending tasks do they have, or get a glance of the last activities of your team on them.

Every item in the contact timeline is clearly identified with an icon, helping you to identify if it's a task (pending tasks appear in red), a note (notes are marked with a pencil), or an action involving email or any other tool.