About Insights

With "Insights", you will be able to deeply understand the current situation of your team. They allow you to have a glance at how well your team is managing time, how the task distribution works in your company, and how the workload is balanced between team members.

By analysing your team's data and applying machine learning and data mining techniques on it, we are able to extract conclusions and give you suggestions on how to improve this situation, either with a better task distribution scheme, pointing out possible places where there's room for improvement, or offering hints on how the team could reorganise their assigned tasks to make everybody happier and more productive.

Individual insights

The Task Ninja says: "Yes, I am a ninja... No, I won't show you my moves... but I'll show you my stats."
Individual insights are the simplest form of insights that The Task Ninja offer, and they are perfectly suited for small teams, where the big picture is... well, not that big or hard to figure out. They show you how every member of the team is doing in terms of completed tasks before deadline, deadline meeting or missing average time, number of tasks assigned, etc.

At an individual level, these insights allows you to check whether someone is overburdened, or wasn't able to meet the deadlines, which might indicate the need to rethink his or her task distribution or reconsider the deadline expectations for this person.

Team Insights

The Task Ninja says:
- "My pupils here don't know failure"
- "One of them just fell to the floor"
- "She attacked it"
- "Backwards?"
- "We are skilled..."

Team insights are much more elaborate, and include not only pure stats on your team's work, but also global conclusions, ranging from teammates that might be overloaded with work, an unbalanced task distribution, warnings about possible bottlenecks or low performance situations, and of course, the "room for improvement" section, where we apply machine learning to suggest you the best way of improving your team's productivity.

How to use "Insights"

Insights have not been designed as a tool for blaming concrete members of your team. Insights always try to be positive and offer suggestions to improve the satisfaction of all members of the team and the productivity of the team as a whole, either with a more balanced workload distribution, or pointing out situations that might be improved. We don't believe in "this is your fault", we believe in "what can we do together to improve the situation?". We believe in flat organisations, whose members have responsibility on their respective expertise areas, and the freedom to work on their tasks collaboratively with their teammates. We take this philosophy seriously, and it's at the very heart of how we designed "Insights".