What's a Task?

A task is a pending action that needs to be done by someone in your team. Tasks are assigned to one of your teammates (even if they are done collaboratively) and have to be solved before certain deadline. Thus, a task is always created by a user and assigned to another user of your team.

A task can involve one or more of your contacts. When you assign tasks to your customers, you will be able to track the whole work history in the client profile.

Let's see an example of a task:

Please, @JohnSmith, finish the #productivity #report for @SarahStone before tomorrow at 9am.
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People Involved

We ask @JohnSmith to do something for @SarahStone. All those names starting with '@' are "aliases", like the ones you see on Twitter or Slack, and are used to identify users or customers. In this case, the system identifies that the task is to be assigned to @JohnSmith and involves the customer @SarahStone.

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The deadline can be expressed as a reference from now (i.e: "next week", or "in two hours"), or with an absolute date, like "10/03/2016 at 9:15am". You don't need to assign the task a deadline (a default deadline will be assigned), but it's really useful to track the productivity of your team and how well it spends its time.

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Smart Tags

Smart tags allow you to add specific terms that will allow you to quickly search for a task later. We use the '#' symbol to identify these smart tasks. In this concrete example, we are adding the "report" and "productivity" tags to this tasks. Later, we can ask for all the tasks related to reports, or all the work related to productivity.

Creating tasks

The Task Ninja says: "The first priority of a ninja is win without fighting... but at least create a task for that."
Creating a task is really easy. All you have to do is start typing on the textfield at the top of your tasks list. You will notice that, as you write the task, a summary will appear below describing the task that you are just creating, so you can check that everything is alright. When you are happy with the task, just click on "Add New Task" and bum!, the task will be created.

In this concrete example, you may see how the system identified both the user that we want the task to be assigned to ("@AlanSmith") and the deadline of the task ("before saturday"). We specified two customers, Joan Holmes and Janet Gray. The Task Ninja clearly identifies that the task is related to them.

Managing your tasks

The Task Ninja says: "Keep your tasks, like your enemies, close to you, but keep specially closer those you need to finish today."

The main screen of The Task Ninja will show you your pending tasks. You will be shown first the tasks you have to finish for today, and then you will be able to navigate to pending tasks for the following days.

Our goal is allowing you to see at a quick glance what's your work for today, and focus on actually it, instead of wasting your time navigating through options and filters.

Social communication done right

We believe email and chat-like tools end up wasting your time and killing your team's productivity. The Task Ninja implements "social task comments", allowing you to quickly comment on any task. Our notification system will make sure you don't miss a comment on a task. Also, you can show appreciation for someone else's work by sending a "Thanks" when the task has been finished.